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■Seal type Wall stickers can be easily pasted in the same way as ordinary stickers.
The high-quality seal type differs from the common seal type in that it has an adhesive part. Adopts a special adhesive surface that can be removed particularly cleanly and used repeatedly. Great for seasonal wall stickers such as Halloween and Christmas, as well as kid-friendly designs and nursery decorations.

■Transfer-type wall stickers are expensive, but they stick well and look beautiful, so I am very satisfied.
Recommended for places in your home where you want to be particularly fashionable, such as living rooms and entrances. It is sure to attract the attention of customers!

Steps to apply sticker type wall sticker

① Prepare a sticker type wall sticker.

② Peel off the sticker from the mount.

③ Be careful not to touch the adhesive part as much as possible.

④ Stick it on the wall. (Be sure to clean the area to be pasted first.)

⑤ Pasting completed! (Some low-priced products have a shiny surface and a transparent border that stands out.)

Instructions for applying transfer type wall stickers

For transfer type wall stickers, the sticker is first transferred to a transparent sheet called an application, and then pasted on the wall.
Therefore, the transfer type wall sticker has a three-layer structure of "application", "sticker body" and "backing paper".

① Prepare a decal type wall sticker.

(2) Peel off the sticker from the mount together with the application.

③ Hold the application and stick it on the wall. (Be sure to clean the area to be pasted first.)

④ Stick it on the wall and then rub it over the application to make it stick firmly.

⑤ Slowly peel off the application.

⑥ Pasting completed!

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